Project Meeting in Szczecin

Place of meeting: University of Szczecin
Date: 16.10.2019

In October 2019, the partners of the FGPE project met at the third project meeting, which was hosted by the University of Szczecin in Szczecin, Poland.

The meeting focused on making key decisions regarding the development of Intellectual Output 3. The other discussed topics were: financial progress of the project including the preparations to the interim report, the summary of work done on Intellectual Output 2, and the necessary technical prerequisites to develop Intellectual Output 4. Also, the conclusions from the organization of the first Multiplier Event were drawn.

It was also decided to move the Multiplier Event in Copenhagen from Autumn 2020 to 4th December 2019 and the dates were agreed for the fourth project meeting (22nd April 2020) and the Multiplier Event (23rd-24th April 2020 ) to be held in Vila do Conde near Porto, Portugal.

Project team meeting in Szczecin