O3: Tools Supporting Editing and Conversion of Programming Exercises

The preparation of programming exercises is a time-consuming effort. In order to save a significant part of that time, the development of tools is envisaged that would support editing and conversion of programming exercises. The editing tools would feature the proper visualization of various exercise specification parts, managing the components of a course (including the exercises and course-level meta-data), the dictionary of applicable gamification techniques so that they could be just easily picked and parametrized for a specific exercise or course, checking the course correctness (e.g. that all the required elements are provided, and only existing elements are referenced), as well as exporting the exercises in the Data Exchange Format for Gamified Programming Exercises.

In order to avoid copy-pasting the content of the non-gamified exercises the partners used so far, the second type of tools will be developed, that will allow for conversion of exercise data from existing formats to the new Data Exchange Format for Gamified Programming Exercises, so that only the missing, gamification-related data will have to be added. Whether the conversion feature will be implemented within the editing tool or as a separate stand-alone tool (or even both) is a design choice that will be decided during the tool development.